200+ operations per month, 87% are profitable

Alberto Del Paso – CIO

With a successful background in Revenue Management and Electronic Commerce, Alberto Del Paso currently serves as CIO at DelPaso Capital and CEO at DelPaso Group.

Characterized by high skills for technical and fundamental analysis, Alberto was attracted to the world of investments at an early age, his first investments were in Silver Ounces, of which he bought 1 every Friday after high school during a time, unfortunately his economical situation then, forced him to sell them.

Nowadays Alberto manages DelPaso Group and has recently founded DelPaso Capital to serve people aiming to invest their capital in Wall Street, always with a high skilled Risk Management and in the seek fo reasonable profits.

Investing & Trading

You have spent a lifetime building and securing your money. We can help you protect and grow that capital through our comprehensive and personal approach to capital investment management and consulting.  We start by understanding who you are, assessing your immediate needs, and analyzing how your long-term goals are likely to impact what you will need in the long term. Using this information, we design a custom wealth and investment portfolio that maximizes risk-adjusted, after-tax returns and perpetuates the growth and transfer of your wealth.

Our holistic approach to wealth investment management allows us to select investments unique to every client’s individual goals, without being pressured to fit clients into existing investment products.